Maintainable, distributable, testable python code

September 5, 2007

main pythonSome suggestions to write a main() function :

Boilerplate for maintainable, distributable, testable python code by Matt Harrison

Another Python main() functions by Guido van Rossum


Python 3000 project (Py3k or Python 3.0)

March 22, 2007

In addition to syntax changes, Python 3000 (around 2008) has plenty of new features. This video is a preview of a keynote to be given at PyCon 2007 but a lot of changes are presented.

Example: In Python 3000, print is no longer a statement, but a function. So:

print: print “this is a test”

becomes: print(“this is a test”)

I have a suggestion: UnitTest for all our modules, now!

A good test suite will save you from a huge headache when all of these changes come down.