Writing underscore (LOW LINE) on MacBook Keyboard

September 19, 2007

I search this key because my MacBook’s Keyboard isn’t obvious.

On MacBook’s keyboard it shares a key with the hyphen on the top row ( to the right of the 0 key). On my older pc keyboard the underscore is in bottom of the 8 key…

So this post is only for memo..


Another good Video clip: Air – Electronic Performers

September 13, 2007

Just because I like the video clip : – )

And the music too ! It’s a french techno music, Congratulations and thanks for this great job 🙂

It’s also a sort of “information processing”…

Uncompress / decompress / unpacking a tar.gz file

September 13, 2007

You can decompress files with the extension .tar.gz (unpack a tarball) using the gunzip or tar commands as follows:

	gunzip file.tar.gz
	tar xzvf file.tar.gz

If you want more information about : tar file format

I love this song: AaRON – U Turn(lili)

September 9, 2007

The album is fantastic. It’s strange, when you listen it you be bewitched, you need that all people listen it and like it . A council listen the album, “U-turn -lily” is not the best of all songs in the Album.. I would like know if usa public, will like this album ?

Maintainable, distributable, testable python code

September 5, 2007

main pythonSome suggestions to write a main() function :

Boilerplate for maintainable, distributable, testable python code by Matt Harrison http://panela.blog-city.com/boilerplate_for_maintainable_distributible_testable_python.htm

Another Python main() functions by Guido van Rossum

MacBook Keyboard: write [box or square] brackets

September 3, 2007

keybord It’s very useful but not present on my Mac Book Keyboard….

For the [square brackets] the shortcuts is:

[ => Shift + Alt + (

square bracket ShiftALTbracket

] => Shift + Alt + )

square bracket ShiftALTbracket

And don’t forget my previous post about: the backslash and the pipe on MacBook